One Who Sleeps Under a Quilt, is Comforted by LOVE.



Howdy! I am Melissa Nickell ~Aunt Lissa-The Quilt Lady Too~. I started sewing at age 8 and completed my first quilt at age 12. I have completed numerous quilts since that time.

I am a proud member of Fighten' Texas Aggie Class of 2001. 'Gig em.

I am a 5th Generation quilter. My mother hand quilted a quilt for each one of my cousins, my siblings, and myself for graduation and for countless others as gifts. My Grandma Dixie made Grandmother Fan Signature Quilts for retirements at AT&T...she was the original "Quilt Lady." Grandma Dixie also made several other quilt patterns, but the one she made the most was the Grandmother Fan. I don't know much about the quilts my Great-Grandmother or Great Great Grandmother made. A few of their quilts that are still around are made of flour sacks.

In early 2007, Grandma started teaching me to use her long arm Nolting Quilting Machine and have completed the quilts that you find on this site and a few others that I forgot to take pictures of.

I now own my grandmothers' machine and would like to create a custom quilt for you or assist you by finishing the family heirloom that was handed down to you incomplete.